What is ULCN and an ULCN-account?

An account for multiple applications.

ULCN at a glance

ULCN stands for Universiteit Leiden Community Network

ULCN facilitates access for students, staff and externals to different applications with a personal account. Registration by an administration is necessary. After registration an ULCN account will be created. Because most applications are linked to ULCN, the user logs in with just one account. The application itself determines which part you can access.

ULCN is Amsterdam Airport and you are the plane.

Account period

The account period depends on the type of account:

  • Students have an ULCN account between 60 days before the start till 60 days after the end of their study. If you follow more than one study, you will retain your account until the last study has been completed. After registration of your final exam your student account will be converted to an alumnus account. Discontinue your account? Contact the student administration department. 

  • Staff members have an ULCN account between 90 days before the start till 60 days after the end of their appointment. If you hold more than one position, you will retain your ULCN account until the last position has been ended. Continue to use your ULCN account for longer? Contact the personnel administration department. 

  • Externals have an ULCN account for the period determined by their contact person.

Account details

An ULCN username is generated automatically as follows:

  • Students: s + student number (for example s1234567)

  • Staff and externals: family name + initials + infix (for example grootjjde)
    Maximum number of characters is 20. Double account names contain a sequential number.

You set your password during your first use or you recieve a temporary password by letter. Read the page How do I get an account? about how you will receive your account details.

A password expires after 182 days. You will receive an e-mail in good time informing you that your password will expire in 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, 4 days and 1 day (example of a message). Follow the procedure indicated for changing your password. If your password has expired, you can no longer log in. Follow the procedures for resetting your password.

Last Modified: 21-03-2016