How do I receive an account?

Follow these steps and receive an ULCN account.

Step 1. Registration

You receive an account only after registration.

  • A student registers via Studielink or at the student administration department.
  • A staff member will be registered at the personnel administration department.
  • An external will be registered by their contact person of the unit concerned.

Step 2. Receive account details

After registration the account period rules determine when your account will be created. After creation of your account you receive your account name by letter or email. In some cases you receive a temporary password.

An email will be sent to the registered external mail address (does not contain A letter will be sent to the registered address.

Didn't you receive your account details? Request your account details.

Step 3. First use

Your account is ready for further use after you have set your password:

Step 4. Further use

Your account is ready for further use.

Advice: request your LU-Card now, your identification card and access card to buildings of the Leiden University.

Also read the webpage with available applications where you can use your account.

Last Modified: 07-10-2013