Your personal uMail box.

What is uMail?

uMail is a mail facility provided by ULCN. All registered students, staff and, in particular cases also externals, are assigned a uMailbox. Leiden University uses uMail as a medium for communication with students. Since staff members also receive a Microsoft Outlook mail address communication to staff members occurs via that mail address and not the uMailbox.
The uMail address is generated automatically by the following rule:
initials + . + infix + . + family name +
(for example
No more than 20 characters before @.
Double addresses contain a sequential number.
You can maintain your uMail box in three ways:

  • Online by webmail
  • Download to your computer
  • Forward to another mail box

Maintain online by webmail

Maintain your uMail box online by webmail. Consult the quick reference guide or the full user manual. The webmail is also available in a mobile version.
Log in with your username (not your uMail address) in small capitals. Problems loging in?

Download to your computer

You can transfer mail to your computer. Use the following settings:

  • Server type: IMAP (POP3 not possible)
  • Server for incoming mail:
  • Port incoming mail: 993 (choose connection by SSL)
  • Server for outgoing mail: use the SMTP server of your provider or use (choose the options Encryption: START TLS and Port: 25)
  • Username: the username of your ULCN account
  • Password: the password of your ULCN account
The original message will remain on the server. You should therefore regularly clear out your uMailbox.

Forwarding to another mail box

Read the manual to setup or change your mail forwarding.

  • Leiden University retains the right to remove a forwarding if it causes disruptions to mail traffic.
  • Leiden University is responsible for forwarding messages, but is not responsible for the further forwarding to or receipt in the alternative mailbox.
  • Leiden University never sends mail directly to your forwarding email address, only to your uMail address.
  • You are responsible for correctly setting your mail forwarding.
  • You can continue to use your uMailbox to send email.
  • Check your storage space used if you keep a local copy.
Problems with mail forwarding

If you do not receive forwarded mails at the forwarding mail address, this may be due to the following:
  • You have made an error in the forwarding instruction. Change your mail forwarding.
  • The uMail mail server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Your provider’s mail server may be temporarily unavailable. The uMail mail server will offer the mail again within a set period of time. If your provider’s server is operational again within this period, the mail will be sent.
  • The quota of your uMail box has been exceeded. Clear out your uMail box.
  • The quota of the mailbox for your forwarded mail has been exceeded.

Clear out mail box

Your mail box has a quota of 300 Mb. You will receive warning messages if your mailbox reaches your quota. The the status of your quota is shown in your inbox at the bottom left of the webmail program. Clear out unwanted mails once your mailbox reached 90% of its quota by removing items: select an item and click on Delete. The option Permanently remove deleted E-Mails? In the settings screen under E-mail > Preferences specifies what should happen once you have removed a message.

  • This option is set on Yes.
    Deleted messages are permanently deleted and will not be stored in your deleted items folder.
  • This option is set on No.
    All deleted messages will be sent to the deleted items folder (trash) and continue to take up storage space. Empty your deleted items folder.

Last Modified: 10-05-2016