The Sigle Sign On environment of Leiden University.

Single Sign On

uAccess is the Single Sign On environment of Leiden University. With Single Sign On you login with your ULCN account only once and get access to all to uAccess connected applications. You can switch from one application to another without having to login. The principle of one-time login only applies for applications that are connected to uAccess.


ingle Sign On is functional for the following internal applications:

Single Sign On is also functional for the external application supported by SURFconext. Some exampls out of the list of available services by SURF are:
  • Ebsco
  • Ellips
  • SURFmedia
  • SURFspot

Also read the page with available applications at the start page of uAccess.

Logging out

In the following situations you will be logged out from uAccess:

  • you do not use an internal uAccess-application¬† for one hour

  • you log yourself out using the logout-functionality of an internal uAccess-application

  • you close all browser windows

After you are logged out you have the posibility to login again instantly and return to the application.
Advice: close all browsers to be sure you are logged out from uAccess.

Last Modified: 18-12-2013