Be aware of phishing email

Internet criminals try to use internet email messages to access your account information (phishing). These messages appear in terms of layout to originate from ULCN or the University of Leiden, but that is not the case. In order for the email message to appear realistic, the internet criminals sometimes use the seal (logo) or a sender address that appears to be from the university. In such an email you'll be requested to email back your account information or you could be asked to click on a link or a button, after which you will be asked to log in on a screen that is similar to a login screen of an application of Leiden University.
Never answer such mail messages, but delete them immediately from your mailbox!
ULCN will never ask for your login details. ULCN sends mail messages in a timely manner about the status of your account and if your password is going to expire. Look at this example message. If you receive a email message and have doubts about a particular link, then do not use that link. If you want to change your password, please log yourself in via (Account Self Service).
Tip: create a shortcut to the website Account Self Service and put this in your favorites or place it on your desktop. That way you access Account Self Service in a secure manner and you always outsmart internet criminals.
In the unlikely event that you have given out your account details, change your password as quickly as possible or contact a helpdesk.

Last Modified: 27-09-2013